CNC Wide Lounge

While it is rare to produce a chair cut on a CNC router, the results are pleasing. Using the Eames LCW/LCM and the Rietveld Red and Blue chair as a model for comfort and style, I designed a chair incorporating similar geometric principals, translating general shapes into facets. 

A CNC router has a few limitations. The main disadvantage is that pieces can only be cut perpendicularly through the entire thickness. This made designing the compound angles a challenge, especially since I sought to create a collapsible chair, one which could be easily transported. This is the final product of this process. It requires little labor in the post-router fabrication process. Only squaring of the inside corners, hammering the tabs into place and some light sanding is needed to complete it. Made with (1) 4’ x 8’ sheet of 1/2” Baltic Birch.

widelounge_elevations copywidelounge_elevations copy

The Making of + Juxtaposition


This is a representation of what I learned from my independent exploration in toys studio. I deconstructed many different objects from large to small, nature and machine and made diagrams from them on reassembly. Occurring simultaneous to the disassemblies were projects involving design and creation. One idea contemplated was to create a Frankenstein from the recycled elements of each object, but instead, I created an object from scratch, using only the knowledge and inspiration from the deconstructions. 

There is great beauty in the design of each individual element and the way it relates and joins with the other pieces. These relationships can be intentional or accidental. The methodical disassembly and similar typology of the office chair do not have a direct impact on the plywood lounge. Rather, the cross-cutting of the two is a representation of my memory conjuring up past experience and knowledge while building towards a new design. 

Some of the trial and errors that occurred while designing the plywood lounge sadly were not caught on video, but nothing was staged or recreated for the video. I simply set up a camera and recorded what I was doing.

Filmed and Edited by Benjamin Schwartz
Music / "Paradise Circus" by Massive Attack featuring Hope Sandoval
Camera / Canon GL2
Editing / Adobe Premiere Pro
Color Grading / Magic Bullet Looks