Cone Lamp

The suspension version of this fixture uses a darker heavier paper focusing the light prominently downwards while still maintaining diffuse glow through the body. The lamp is made with a sheet of paper, 43cm by 76cm, held in place by four tabs. Similar to the table light, two acrylic rings are fastened to the socket, but with the addition of two interlocking U-shapes that hold the cord the fixture is suspended by. The shade is held in place when its diameter meets the socket rings and wedges itself in place.

Similarly, the table lamp is completed with a minimal amount of parts. Two elliptical acrylic rings are fastened around the socket. Then, a sheet of heavy paper, 43cm square, is wrapped around and fastened with two tabs and a low wattage CFL bulb is used to keep the fixture from overheating. The conical shape of the fixture projects focused beams of light at the ends while providing diffused light through the body.


Iterative Process